Visitor attractions & experiences

For visitor attractions and experiences we can create bespoke solutions or simply retrofit a postcard system into an existing environment. Our technology allows us to work exactly to a brief, or to bring on board our tried and tested postcard systems which allow you to maintain the relationship with your visitor after they have left the venue, and to promote your brand across the internet.

Guests at the National Space Centre create their own 'out of this world' weather report to share on Facebook and Twitter

Guests at the National Space Centre create their own 'out of this world' weather report to share on Facebook and Twitter.

VideoPostcards offer an excellent new method of marketing and revenue generation; they enable your audience to share, promote and interact with your brand via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, or to buy a DVD souvenir, or pay a small fee per postcard sent.

You benefit from a valuable database of new e-mail addresses for future marketing campaigns. Our technology will drive traffic to your website, generate opportunities for future sales and maintain contact with your visitors and their network of family and friends long after their visit. Sharing branded Video Postcards help you reach new audiences and increase recognition of your brand across the whole internet community, worldwide.

Using the latest green-screen Chromakey technology, we can help you transport your visitors into limitless virtual locations. Based on our award winning Video Kiosk and Video Booth technology, users can be immersed into interactive environments, from swimming with fish in rich underwater landscapes to starring in the very latest music videos. All experiences can be completely customised to allow participants to engage and interact with your brand or theme. VideoBooth Systems offer a complete turnkey solution, from the remote monitoring and managing of onsite hardware to the hosting, delivery and supporting of VideoPostcard delivery.

We have had the pleasure of working with clients such as London’s iconic O2, Madame Tussauds, Spaceport and many of the most prestigious museums, worldwide.

Tower Bridge

"We have been delighted with the number of visitors using the video booth with it having the joint effect of increasing the customer experience whilst helping our brand, through the messages sent, to reach a wider audience."