Windows 8

Fast and Fun photo activation Fast and Fun photo activation

Fast and Fun photo activation

Working with our friends at IMC, we provided automated photo processing, printing and sharing technology to mobile agency Jam's launch of Microsoft 'Fast and Fun' Windows 8.

A giant slide was constructed in Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent giving visitors an unconventionally alternative way to travel downstairs!

Every 'slider' had their picture taken as they went down the slide and were able to redeem and print their photo at the bottom using Windows 8 tablets.

Photos were also shared on a giant LED screen in the shopping centre, sent via SMS and shared on Facebok and Twitter. You can read more about this extremely popular activation on Jam's website.

See the experience in action...


Photo capture and processing.

Behind the scenes moderation platform.

Automated printing, sharing and uploading.

Bespoke tablet redemption solution.

Mobile solution designed for quick overnight installation.

Delivery to mobile phones by SMS and WAP.

Integration with venues large screen display system and uploading to 3rd party servers.