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Freestanding VideoKiosk

Our freestanding VideoKiosk is our most popular model and has been used in a wide variety of applications worldwide. Its ground breaking design of sleek lines and inviting shapes ensures that it will fit into any environment while its compact size and easy set-up makes it ideal for touring or temporary events. Available as standard and reduced height models.

Freestanding VideoKiosk

Our most popular model - revolutionary



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Kilmarnock College

"We like our VideoBooths so much we have even named them! We have both a Freestanding and Desktop VideoBooth and have taken the Desktop booth to events such as our Graduation Ceremony where it was a great success. They are easy to use and we have received lots of useful feedback from our students which helps us enhance their learner experience. VideoBooth systems have supported us and provided an excellent service at all times. Many thanks."

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