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Online Delivery & Sharing Features

The table below shows the different features available within each of the subscription packages of our online delivery platform.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Branded microsite i Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shares by email, Facebook & Twitter i Yes Yes Yes Yes
Downloadable data files i Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online admin panel for session management i Yes Yes Yes Yes
Organise Results into Multiple Groups i No Yes Yes Yes
Gallery i No Yes Yes Yes
Tags and Notes i No Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Analytics Pages i No No Yes Yes
Pre-Sharing Moderation i No No Yes Yes
Session Limiti 2,500 5,000 15,000 Unlimited

Branded Microsite

Direct users to a branded microsite to view and share their video, photo or GIF. You can add your own branded imagary to the background of the microsite along with a logo.

Although photos and GIFs can be attached directly to emails, having users click through to a microsite to redeem their session offers further branding potential, additional features and more advanced tracking stats.

The microsite is reponsive in design - great for both desktop and mobile users.

Choose to include the following optional features to your microsite: Sharing to Facebook, sharing to Twitter, sharing by email, download and/or gallery view.

Shares by email, Facebook & Twitter

Give users the opportunity to share their video, photo or GIF directly to their own social media account.

Participants can post directly from the event or can use the sharing buttons in their email or on the microsite later.

If moderation is enabled all sessions are held, with social posts and emails only being sent once the session is approved by you.

Data Files

All data captured can be downloaded as CSV files.

Choose to compile all data, or add filters by group, tags or touch screen responses.

Choose only the relevant data fields to be included in the CSV file.

Online Session Management

Access your secure cloud-based session management site to view all captured assets.

See up-to-the minute usage and statistcs, review performance and check for trending sessions

Download, remove or share sessions.

Grant access to team members from within your organisaiton.

Organise Results

Results can be separated into different groups - ideal when running multiple location events or venues.

Each group can be assigned its own customisation and branding.

View and download global or specific group analytics and data.


Create a branded gallery - automatically add all new results, or choose which results to show or hide.

Create separate galleries based on events, dates or venues.

Notes and Tags

Tag results for easy organisation and curation.

Assign private notes to results and create custom tags.

Search and filter results based on any tags and/or private notes.


View up-to-the-minute usage statistics, see trending results and campaign reports.

Filter analytics by result type, dates or groups.

Download graphs and data to add to your post campaign presentations.


Our online moderation platform allows you to approve or decline results before they go live.

With moderation turned on, all emails and social posts are queued - only when approved do emails get sent and social shares go live.

Moderators are notified by email when new results are awaiting their approval.